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2 posts from August 2016


Fall 2016 semester has started

The Fall 2016 semester if off to a successful start and the Film Studies students enrolled in both tracks (Production, Screenwriting) are safely on site. Last week was dedicated to orientation which has been shortened into 2 days of sessions and walks to ease up students' struggle with jet leg. This week, students have already started learning the basics of survival Czech language with their teachers Luděk Brouček and Tereza Štichová. CIEE also scheduled some advising sessions in the afternoons and Czech buddies planned a variety of interest groups activities. We hope to be back with some updates and pictures soon!

CIEE Film Studies in Prague

Studying abroad the CIEE Film Studies program in Prague is truly a unique and life enriching opportunity! Check out the video that our Spring 2016 student Jackson Xia (University of Colorado at Boulder) created for us as a part of his volunteering project!