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Spring 2016, Issue III


Spring semester is almost over and we would like to share with you the new exciting events which took place in CIEE study center in Prague. This semester was unique as new projects were introduced and new extracurricular opportunities were offered to students. This newsletter highlights these special events and celebrates their success.


On April 19, CIEE Prague study center organized a Charity Date Auction for students of all programs from the Spring 2016 semester. It was the first Date Auction in CIEE Prague history and it was a much anticipated charity get together event.

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The main goal of the Auction was to collect money to support the Život dětem (Life for Children) foundation, helping children who have suffered serious illness or injury and children who do not have family. Život dětem foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2000.

The organization is cooperating mainly with:

  • Parents who need help for their children, especially children who need financial help for their health equipment, rehabilitation, treatment, and recovery stay.
  • Hospitals, where collected money is donated for children’s departments.
  • Children centers such as orphanages, institutes for handicapped children, social care facilities, infant homes, and child care centers.

During the event we provided some extra attractions where students who are not participating in the Date Auction could also donate to the charity:

  • BAKE SALE – homemade cupcakes were available for a donation to the foundation.
  • GIFT SALE – souvenirs from Život dětem foundation (magnets, plastic hearts, bracelets)
  • CIEE AWARDS – 2 rounds of nominations in 6 categories: Miss CIEE, Mister CIEE, Best Couple, Best Singer, Best Dancer, Best Buddy.

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The Charity Date Auction is a fundraiser event to benefit a local nonprofit organization. Bidders have the opportunity to “purchase” a date for dinner in a Czech restaurant. The dates are volunteers who have agreed to be auctioned off and to accompany the winning bidder to the dinner. This is a fun way to meet new people and raise money for a good cause!

Students from all programs—Central European Studies, Communication and New Media, Global Architecture and Design, and Film Studies—were invited along with Czech buddies. Included with the invitation was promotional material about the evening accompanied with videos about sick children from Život dětem foundation. The video had English subtitles and were provided to students on the Facebook page. The promotion also included a picture of Date Auction participant and nominees for the CIEE Awards.

Pic 4

Pic 5

The Charity Date Auction was held in a beautiful club near the CIEE Study Centre, which has a stage and a big screen. Everyone wishing to bid obtained a badge with a number, which they used for bidding. Overall, the Auction was very popular and we collected more money than we expected. During the evening more people signed up to be auctioned; in total 19 people were auctioned. The event was the result of our hard work during the past few months and the final amount of collected money was 15 300 CZK ($645). 

Pic 6

The Study Center Director and Program Assistant handed over the money to the Director of the Život dětem foundation and obtained a certificate in thanks for the donation.

Pic 9


On April 20th, in cooperation with the local non-governmental organization New School, CIEE organized a special volunteering afternoon for students and local children from disadvantaged families. New School is one of the oldest NGOs operating in the Czech Republic, it was established in 1991. New School creates opportunities for minorities and children from disadvantaged homes within the Czech education system, working to change the education system to be more open. It provides afterschool program for children, offers tutoring in many subjects, and also organizes free time activities. CIEE was thrilled to organize the treasure hunt with this NGO. The event was created to meet the increasing demand of students wishing to participate in one off volunteering activities. Many of our students would like to volunteer during their semester abroad, however, due to their busy course schedule, internships, and other extracurricular activities they find it difficult to commit to volunteering on a regular basis. The treasure hunt was an ideal opportunity for them to volunteer and help the local community. All semester students as well as flat buddies could sign up for the Treasure Hunt and compete in teams together with children from the New School in this fun activity.



The Treasure Hunt took place on the premises of CIEE study center and the Vyšehrad complex. All participants were split into groups, which competed against each other to find the “lost treasure of Vyšehrad”. They had to follow the clues, complete several tasks, find hidden stands, and answer quiz questions about Vyšehrad’s history and legends. The groups were specifically composed, so that each group had American students as well as Czech children and they would have to communicate in English as well as in Czech. The tricky part was that some clues were written in Czech and some in English, therefore team members had to communicate together to help overcome the language barrier. The winning team won special prizes. In the end, all teams worked together to find a hidden treasure, which was buried in CIEE study center’s garden. This unique activity was organized for the first time and was highly anticipated.

The event was very successful. Students and children alike enjoyed the fun-filled afternoon and they appreciated the fact they could converse in a foreign language and meet new friends. CIEE is planning to organize this special volunteering afternoon on a regular basis.


Pic 14


 The first week of May will be forever remembered by a group of five Global AD students. After previous sleepless nights and countless hours of work, they were able to return once again to Třeboň for their final project exhibition. During first three days of their visit, they built an interactive Pavilion as a part of the Anifilm program ( Anifilm is an International Festival of Animated Films hosted by the beautiful historical city of Třeboň, located in South of Bohemia.

The pavilion was situated in the castle park and noticed by many visitors of the Film Festival. People of a range of ages, from groups of young children to older couples, wandered around the pavilion and discovered the beauty of speculative architecture.

Global Architecture and Design in Prague would like to invite everyone to visit the Pavilion in Prague during its exhibition in June at Residence RoSa (Střelničná 1680/8, Praha 8).



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